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Monday, April 6, 2020

JAIC launches pilot for implementing new DOD AI ethics principles

Jackson Barnett
Originally posted 2 April 20

Here is an excerpt:

The Department of Defense‘s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center is bringing together different types of engineers, policymakers and other DOD personnel to serve as “Responsible AI Champions” in support of the Pentagon’s new principles for AI ethics.

The pilot program brings together a “cross-functional group” of personnel from across the department to receive training on AI and DOD’s new ethical principles from JAIC staff who represent different parts of the AI development lifecycle. The intent is that when these trainees go back to their normal jobs, they will be “champions” for AI and the principles.

The model, which was announced through a JAIC blog post, is similar to a pilot Microsoft launched to implement its artificial intelligence governance structure. The JAIC did not say how many people will participate in the pilot program.

“The goal is to learn from this pilot so that we can develop a more robust and comprehensive program that can be implemented across the DOD,” Lt. Cmdr. Arlo Abrahamson, a JAIC spokesman, told FedScoop.

The info is here.