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Friday, March 20, 2020

Oceanside council approves its first ethics code

Oceanside Civic CenterPhil Diehl
San Diego Union Tribune
Originally posted 1 March 20

Facing a public backlash over infighting, campaign contributions and alleged conflicts of interest, the Oceanside City Council unanimously approved its first code of ethics.

“This is a start,” said Councilwoman Esther Sanchez before Wednesday’s vote. The need for a policy is evident from the efforts underway to recall two council members (including herself) and for a referendum to overturn the council’s recent approval of a controversial Morro Hills development project, she said.

“We need to respect each other, and we need to respect the public,” Sanchez said, noting that she too at times has been critical of her fellow council members. “Sometimes it gets personal ... we need to do better.”

Residents said the policy should go further to include more specifics and penalties. Some suggested the city should limit campaign contributions, or not allow council members to vote on projects proposed by developers who contribute to their election campaigns.

The info is here.