"Living a fully ethical life involves doing the most good we can." - Peter Singer
"Common sense is not so common." - Voltaire
“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” ― Søren Kierkegaard

Audio Resources (37)

Clinical Audio Files

Freakonomics Podcast: The Suicide Paradox

Audio Files to Help Teach Ethic and Morality

John Gavazzi and Sam Knapp: A Conversation on Positive Ethics

Robert Wright: Are We Wired to be Compassionate

The Academic Minute: Guilt and Moral Character

NEJM Audio: From an Ethics of Rationing to an Ethics of Waste Avoidance

Nova Science Now: The Ethics of Erasing Memories

BBC World Service: Disgust and Morality

Closer to the Truth Podcast

What is Free Will?

Open Learn: The home of free learning from The Open University

Bioethics Bites: Brain Chemistry and Moral Decision-making (Molly Crockett)

Multiculturalism Bites: Disgust (Martha Nussbaum)

Philosophy Bites: Ethical Behavior or Ethics Professors (Eric Schwitzgebel)

Philosophy Bites: Group Agency (Philip Pettit)

Philosophy Bites: Hegel on Dialectic (Robert Stern)

Philosophy Bites: Implicit Bias (Jennifer Saul)

Philosophy Bites: Moral Accountability (Stephen Darwall)

Philosophy Bites: Moral Self and Psychology (Regina Rini)

Philosophy Bites: Moral Responsibility and Consciousness (Neil Levy)

Philosophy Bites: Moral Responsibility (Gideon Rosen)

Philosophy Bites: Nietzsche on Morality (Christopher Janaway)

Philosophy Bites: Plato's Cave (Simon Blackburn)

Philosophy Bites: Systems of Belief (Jonathan Glover)

Philosophy Bites: Virtue (Roger Crisp)

Social Science Bites: Bias (Daniel Kahneman)

Social Science Bites: Violence and Human Nature...and psychology as a science (Steven Pinker)

The Partially Examined Life: A Philosophy Podcast and Blog - Click here for all episodes

Episode 5: Aristotle’s Nichomachean (Virtue) Ethics

Episode 9: Utilitarian Ethics - What should we do?

Episode 10: Kantian Ethics - What should we do?
(You can skip the first 15 minutes as they address viewer mail)

Episode 11: Nietzsche’s Immoralism: What Is Ethics, Anyway?

Episode 32: Heidegger - What is Being? An introduction to Being and Time

Episode 48: Merleau-Ponty on Perception and Knowledge

Episode 85: Rawls on Social Justice, but listen to this 10 minute summary first

Vox Tablet Podcasts

What Spinoza Knew and Neuroscience Is Discovering: ‘Free Will’ Doesn’t Exist

Yale University - Human Emotions and Morality - iTunes University

#153 - June Gruber Introduction to Morality, Moral Emotions, and Moral Character

#155 - Jonathan Haidt on Morality and Emotion

#157 -  David Pizarro on Morality and Disgust

#160 - June Gruber: Morality and Positive Emotions - Compassion, Gratitude, & Empathy

#162 - Jamil Zaki on Empathy