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Welcome to the nexus of ethics, psychology, morality, technology, health care, and philosophy

Act 31: Mandated Child Abuse Required for All Professionals In Pennsylvania

In this two-part continuing education program, John and Sam Knapp discuss the critical elements of the new Child Protective Service law.  Act 31 of 2014 requires all mandated reporters who hold licenses to receive at least two hours of approved continuing education in the signs of child abuse and the reporting requirements for child abuse in Pennsylvania.

Episode 19 is the first hour of that training.  In hour one, Drs. Gavazzi and Knapp discuss the definitions of a child and perpetrator as these pertain to the new mandated reporting law.  John and Sam highlight the legal definitions of physical abuse, emotional abuse, and begin to discuss the definition of sexual abuse in the new Pennsylvania law.

In Episode 20, Drs. Gavazzi and Knapp review sexual abuse as sex crimes, abuse of newborn children, who mandated reporters are, and why supervises and employees of licensed professionals need to know the mandated reporter requirements.  Sam gives John a pop quiz to help listeners with the Child Protective Services law.  Psychology students, interns, and other mental health workers are subject to the new Child Protective Services Law.  Finally, they review the requirements of reporting, how to report, and mandated reporter rights and protections.

At the end of Episodes 19 and 20, the listener should be able to:
  1. Describe the child welfare system in Pennsylvania;
  2. Define child, child abuse, perpetrators, and other relevant terms;
  3. Paraphrase the responsibilities of mandated reporters;
  4. Recognize the signs of child abuse and situations where child abuse must be reported; and,
  5. Understand how to fulfill their responsibilities as mandated reporters of child abuse.

Episode 19 - Part 1 of the Act 31 Mandated Child Abuse Reporting Training

Episode 20 - Part 2 of the Act 31 Mandated Child Abuse Reporting Training

As podcast

Part 1

Part 2

This podcast is designed for health professionals and has been approved by the Department of Human Services and the Pennsylvania Department of State to meet the Act 31 requirements. 

Additionally, these credits will also count towards the 30 hours required for licensing renewal for psychologists.